I was thrilled to be able to say that my personal experience with all types of medical personnel had been extremely limited - until I arrived at the ripe young age 74 - when I experienced my very first serious accident. I had sustained very aggressive tears in two of my four rotator cuff muscles – which rendered my right arm almost useless. After a complicated, but very successful, surgery I needed immediate and concentrated physiotherapy. I searched intensively for the best - and finally found the VERY best – R. Sian Owen.

I am a very active personal fitness trainer and needed to be ‘whole again’ as quickly as was humanly possible. And once I started my daily sessions with Sian - my new teacher and my healer - I sighed with such relief as I finally felt completely safe and in the right hands - literally.

Not only is Sian the most amazing physiotherapist – exceedingly knowledgeable in so many diverse disciplines – but she has a professionalism and a presence about her that exudes such confidence and total trust. Over our 6-long months together- until she had made me completely whole again – she always radiated calm and confidence, and a consistently positive attitude. This was coupled with her ongoing realistic but optimistic encouragement and a total confidential professionalism.

If I had to sum up Sian in just a few words – I would say: “R. Sian Owen is a consummate and caring professional – who is a highly talented and an extremely experienced and knowledgeable physiotherapist - who consistently gives so much more than she promises. I cannot recommend her highly enough”

Dee Simpson

I have worked with R. Sian Owen in my home for the past 10 months. After my stroke, I was initially in a wheelchair. I can now walk three kilometres, and am back to running. I am happy with my results. Sian is competent, professional and kind.

Jim E.

I have been receiving regular physiotherapy from R. Sian Owen since August 2008.

I find her to be highly skilled and most pleasant. With hard work and perseverance – on both of our parts – I have been able to maintain movement and flexibility, after suffering several strokes in January 1999.

Sian has helped me immeasurably.

Angela Horner

After seeing various health care professionals for a frozen shoulder and for back pain with very little to show for it, I was finally referred to R. Sian Owen.  And I am so glad I was.  Sian suggested various exercises for my back and it is now great.  She also tackled the challenge of my left shoulder which had been frozen for a number of years.  I could barely use my left arm and sleeping positions were hard to find.  Sian recommended gentle exercises that gradually increased the arm’s range of motion – something no one else had ever managed to do. Sian combines extensive technological knowledge with something that is much harder to find – wisdom.  I cannot thank Sian enough for helping me regain the use of left arm.  She is simply the best.

Elizabeth B